Dies - Marianne Design Creatables

These are dies you can use in a Die-cutting machine like the Cuttlebug, Double Do, Trouvaille etc.

Most of the dies cut as well as emboss.

First cut and then emboss using an embossing mat.

For use in Cuttlebug:

Cut with A, B and C plate. Then emboss with A, B, Embossing mat and other B plate. Use extra shim between A and first B plate or, for a good result, use two embossing mats.


LR0230 Sea Shells

LR0230 Sea Shells (3)

LR0111 - Oblong Frame & 3D Flower

Creatable Rectangle Frame plus flowers and swirl

LR0115 Monarch Butterfly

Creatable Monarch Butterfly

LR0126 - Circle of Stars

Circle of Stars plus pine branch

LR0127 - Wreath Holly

Holly Wreath plus Holly Leaf

LR0139 - Lady Elegant

Creatable Lady Elegant

LR0140 - Lady Charleston

Creatable Lady Charleston

LR0141 - Large Circles & swirls

Creatable Double Frame (4 dies)

LR0143 - Corners 1

Creatable Corners (2)

LR0144 - Corners 2

Creatable Corners (2)

LR0145 - Flower Set

Creatable 5 Flowers

to create beautiful little roses

LR0146 Birdcage Moroccan

Creatable Bird Cage 1

LR0147 - Birdcage Tunis

Creatable Bird Cage 2

LR0150 - Branch 1

Creatable Branch 1

LR0151 - Branch 2

Creatable Branch 2

LR0157 - Elements - Swirls

Creatable Decorative Elements

LR0163 - Chinese Rose

Creatable Chinese Rose

LR0165 - Ballerina 1

Creatable ballerina 1

LR0167 - Music

Creatable Music Keys

LR0168 - Doily Circle

Creatable Doily Round with Large Flower

LR0169 Doily Square

Creatable Doily with small Flower

LR0172 - Village #1

Creatable Village 1

LR0175 - Tree #2

Creatable Christmas Tree 2

LR0176 - Tree #3

Creatable Christmas Tree 3

LR0177 - Rudolph

Creatable Rudolph the Reindeer

LR0178 - Sleigh

Creatable Sleigh


LR0179 - Reindeer

Creatable Reindeer


LR0180 - Circles

Creatable Circles

LR0182 - Bauble/Bell

Creatable Bauble and Bell

LR0184 - Baubles

Creatable Two Baubles

LR0185 - Snowflake

Creatable Snowflake

LR0186 - Winter Birds

Creatables Winter Birds

LR0191 - Lamppost

Creatable Lamp post and sign


LR0192 - Three Leaves

Creatable Three Leaves

LR0196 - Large Flower

Creatable Large Flower set to make glorious roses!

LR0198 - Classic Cars

Creatable Classic Cars


LR0199 - Classic Boats

Creatable Classic Boats

LR0200 Anja Corner

Creatable Anja Corner

LR0201 - Anja Lace Border

Creatable Anja Lace Border

LR0202 - Anja Edge

Creatable Anja Edge