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DDS3304 Soccer Don

DDS3316 Knitting Daisy

DDS3322 Bicycle

DDS3328 Coffee Time

CS0873 Vintage Ho Ho Ho

Christmas Clear Stamps

CS0874 Vintage Silent Night

Christmas Clear Stamps

CS0875 Vintage Happy Holidays

Christmas Clear Stamps

CS0876 Vintage Celebrate the Season

Christmas Clear Stamps

CS0877 Vintage Dreaming of a white Christmas

Christmas Clear Stamps

CS0878 Vintage Merry Christmas

Christmas Clear Stamps

EWS2206 Tea & Cupcakes

Clear stamp set Marianne Design - Tea & Cupcakes

EWS2207 Coffee Time

Clear stamp set by Marianne Design - Coffee Time!!!

Shopping! Girls Day Out!

Front & back view

Marianne Design Clear Stamps

Snoesjes Get Well Soon

Front & back view

Marianne Design Clear Stamps

Girl with Flower

Clear stamp, girl with flower

Sitting Boy

Clear stamp, sitting boy

B007 Garden Boy

B008 Garden Girl

Party Boy

Party Girl

Popco with Pen


Pipa Owl, clear stamp


Tweetke Owl, clear stamp

Fisherman Popco

Popco Owl, fisherman, clear stamp

Pipa in Summer

Pipa Owl in Summer, clear stamp

Tweetke at Sea

Tweetke Owl at sea, clear stamp

Popco at Christmas

Popco Owl at Christmas

Pipa at Christmas

Pipa Owl at Christmas

Tweetke at Christmas

Tweetke Owl at Christmas, clear stamp

OWL010 Popco with Flower

OWL011 Pipa with Flower

OWL012 Tweetke in Flowerpot

Popco at Party

Pipa at Party

Cow Girl

Young Rebels Cow Girl, clear stamp


Young Rebels Cowboy, clear stamp

Cowboy on horse back

Young Rebels Cowboy on horse back, clear stamp

Temporarily out of stock

Hopperhop, indians

Young Rebels Hopperhop, clear stamp

Prickly, indians

Young Rebels Prickly, clear stamp

Indian Warrior

Young Rebels Indian Warrior, clear stamp