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Can be used in most die-cutting machines.

Awesome dies to create beautiful cards!

Also try cutting it from Mirror card or Metallic card for a magnificent embossed result.

For cutting with Cuttlebug, use A, B and C plate.

For embossing, A plate, 2 B plates and rubber mat.
Sandwich as follows: A, extra packing, B, die with cardstock facing up, rubber mat, B. Trial and error to see how much packing you need.


JC0089 Theatre

Was $29.95

JC0091 Accordian

Was $19.90

JC0093 Dancing Couple

Was $19.90

JC0155 Fishing

Was $11.50

JCD0128 Heart Corners

Heart corners - mirror images.  Was $18.95

JCD0114 Mug, Cup & Saucer

Cut & emboss dies, Mug and Cup & Saucer. Was $29.95

JCD0068 3x Flowers

3D Flower.  Was $18.50


Joy Die Star (two dies), cut & emboss.  Was $25.95


Joy Die Heart, cut & emboss.  Was $17.50

1 left


Joy Die Leaves, 4 leaves, cut only.  Was $19.95


Joy Die Diamond and flower, cut & emboss .  Was $27.60


Joy Die Swirl plus hectagon, cut & emboss.  Was $22.50



Joy Die Corner with flower, cut & emboss.

Makes slits to thread ribbon through.

JC0012 3 Corners

Was $15.00