Dies - Marianne Design Craftables

You can use these dies in most die-cutting machine like the Cuttlebug, Double Do, Trouvaille etc.

Most of the dies cut as well as emboss.



Craftable Circle plus 3D Flower Die


Craftable Rectangle plus 3D Flower

CR1203 - Flower & Frame

Craftable Square plus 3D Flower


Craftable Butterfly

CR1207 - Daisy Basket

Craftable Daisy Basket


CR1208 - Flower Basket

Creatable - Flower Basket

CR1213 Ivy Circle

Craftable Ivy Circle

CR1214 Flower Frame Oblong

Craftable Flower Frame Oblong

CR1215 Flower Frame Oval

Craftable Flower Frame Oval

CR1216 Guirlande

Craftable Guirlande

CR1217 - Scandinavian House

CR1217 Scandinavian House

CR1218 - Victorian House

CR1218 Victorian House

CR1219 - English Cottage

CR1219 English Cottage

CR1220 Eiffel Tower


CR1221 Big Ben

CR1222 - Tower of Pisa

CR1231 Angel with star SALE

Craftabels by Marianne Design 30% off - NOW $28.00

CR1232 - Angel with heart SALE

Craftabels by Marianne Design 30% NOW $28.00


CR1233 Angel with label SALE

Craftable by Marianne Design 30% off NOW $28.00

CR1234 Craftable Clock

Two Craftable Clock faces by Marianne Design.


CR1235 Knitting

Knitting and wool, great to use with any of the baskets.

CR1236 - Caroussel

Make some stunning cards!  Full circle, half circle or quarter circle!  Possibilities are endless!

CR1237 Craftable Coffee Cup

Marianne Design - Coffee cup with spoon


CR1238 Craftable Tea Cup

Marianne Design - Tea Cup with spoon

CR1240 - Square Frames

Marianne Design Passe-partout Square - 4 dies

CR1243 Swirls & Leaves 1

Marianne Design Craftables - 4 dies

Expected Mid April

CR1244 Swirls & Leaves 2

Marianne Design Craftables - 4 dies

Expected Mid April

CR1245 Swirls & Leaves 3

Marianne Design Craftables - 4 dies

Expected Mid April

LR1246 Apron set

CR1247 Kitchen Utensils

CR1251 Tiny's Hearts

CR1252 - Skis and snowflake

CR1253 Ivy Corners

CR1256 - Tiny's Christmas stocking

CR1258 - Santa

CR1260 - Zipper

CR1262 Trellis Flowers

CR1263 Trellis Panel

CR1264 Birds Silhouette

CR1265 Birds Pergola