Embroidery Books
10+ embroidery beautiful patterns per book.  Sizes and colours of card in Dutch, but Instructions on patterns are easy to follow

HobbyDols 56

Embroidery patterns for all occasions
Available again End March

HobbyDols 58

Embroider with Janine with patterns for any occasion
Available again end March

HobbyDols 61

HobbyDols 68

Chrissie meets Forever Friends
Embroidery Patterns

HobbyDols 69

Cosy Christmas Stitching

HobbyDols 72

Especially For You


HobbyDols 76

Jenine meets Yvonne

HobbyDols 78


HobbyDols 82

Embroidery for all occasions

HobbyDols 90

Creative Christmas Embroidery

HobbyDols 93

Embroidery with Chrissie

HobbyDols 97

Stylish patterns for any occasion