Accessories / Tools

PINS002 - Tweezers


Kneadable Rubber

Water Brush

Transfer Foil

Transfer Foil

10 x 23cm transparent sheet.  Re-usable.

Can be used to place stickers and to use the left-over (negative) parts of stickers.



Double-sided sticky sheet A4
To use with foil, glitter or Sandy Art (coloured sand)

3D Scissors

3D Scissors with protecting cap

Ruler - Centre Zero Ruler

Ruler - Centre Zero Ruler (Two ended Ruler)

Spray Bottles 40ml (2)

NSCB001 - Scoring Board

Scoring Board - Create and Envelopes - Create Boxes
tck 10 blades

TCK 10 Spare Blades

Spare Blades   TCK 10

Olba Scissors (Right or Left Handed)

Olba Scissors - suitable for Right and Left Handed Crafty People